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Return Policy

Not everything’s perfect all the time, though that’s what we strive for after all. If you’re displeased with any of our products we’ll give you the several opportunities to receive compensation or at least make you happy, because that is our goal from the start.


- If your package arrives damaged or incorrect, please send it back on us and we will gladly refund your payment for all charges incurred.


- If you’ve received your package and don’t want to open the products, feel free to return them, however you are responsible for return shipping costs.


- If you’re unsatisfied with our products for whatever reason and would like your money back, we will gladly reimburse you, but we don’t want the products back as we would have to discard them regardless. In return we ask you to answer a simple questionnaire and give the remainder of the opened products to someone who would enjoy them instead. After we review your answers we will promptly give back your money. (Please note that some credit card companies may take one billing cycle to reflect the refund on your account).


*We request that all questions be answered honestly and to your fullest capabilities. It assists us moving forward, and if it happens repeatedly, we reserve the right not to accept your orders or refunds in the future.