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8/19/2014 11:42 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Your Perfect August Wine

When Italians are in love with something, be it food, wine, women or song, the more of it they can get the better. Who can argue with that? The problem with falling head over heels for something, in this case a wine, is hitting the reality of how limited supplies of the stuff can be. Santa mucca!


Your Perfect August Wine


Stroblhof-Weissburgunder Strahler Stroblhof 2009.


Say that fast three times. A mouthful for sure but once you get past the embarrassment of murdering the name with your local wine merchant, you will be amply rewarded with one of the freshest, most exquisite white wines I have had in some time. Perfect for this blazing weather we have been experiencing.


This beauty is bursting with scents of jasmine and vanilla that lead to a viscous center of white peach and honeysuckle without ever being cloying. The mineral notes and well-structured body will enhance most patio offerings and make you wish you purchased more of this stuff. It really is that good.


While this sounds like a wine hailing from Germany or Austria it is actually a prize form Italy, the Sudtirol region to be precise. This area is Italy’s northernmost province, perfect growing region for it’s elegant blend of Pinot Bianco 90%, Pinot Grigio 5% and Chardonnay 5%.


How can this wine get any better, availability aside? The price. Ringing in at about $17. Guys in the LA area can head on over to the amazing GJELINA in Venice, bring your girl, order the squash blossom pizza and a bottle of this juice, and watch the fireworks happen.


The best stuff isn’t usually the easiest to come by, but hey, I did half the work by turning you on to it! Now go forth and find ye a bottle (or three).