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8/19/2014 7:40 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Why You Should Use A Shave Brush

  • Quality shave brushes hold a decent amount of water. The more water a brush holds, the more moisturizing and thicker lather it creates.


  • The use of a shave brush allows for gentle exfoliation, therefore helping to create a cleaner surface for you to start your shave. This creates a valuable pre-shave routine.


  • A better quality lather sets you up for a smoother, pain-free shave.


  • Using a shave brush automatically softens and lifts facial hair, which makes for an easier shave. Set yourself up for success and learn how to use a shave brush.



A shave brush is one of the oldest and most classic grooming tools. In the old days, the handle of your shave brush distinguished the class you were born into. Ivory, gold, and silver identified a higher class, while plastic represented a lower class. The best brushes are ones found with badger hair; the handle is up to you!