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8/19/2014 10:33 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Why You Need Conditioner

Conditioner is responsible for enhancing the general look and feel of your hair, increasing body and volume, facilitating style, improving gloss and shine, repairing sun or chlorine damage, replacing natural oils, reducing flakes, and leaving your hair soft, smooth, supple and balanced. The type of conditioner you use depends on your hair type.


  • Dry, curly and coarse hair: Look for a moisturizing conditioner as these products contain oils similar to those naturally produced by the scalp.


  • Fine, limp and damaged hair: Look for a thickening or volumizing conditioner. This type of conditioner coats your hair with a layer of protein to make the hair appear thicker. It fills in gaps found in damaged hair and adds smoothness and shine.




Always buy your shampoo and conditioner from a salon, spa, quality apothecary, or an online destination that promotes premium hair care products. Nowadays it’s really easy because everything is broken down by hair type and condition. Make sure you’re using the right shampoo to compliment your conditioner.