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8/19/2014 12:25 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Unearthed: Time Capsules Are Out of This World Cool

This year, there’s something large taking place right beneath your feet that you might not even be aware of. It’s making quite a buzz amongst circles of enthusiasts.

I am talking time capsules. Placing contents of modern day life into some sort of shell to be extracted from the Earth at a later time. Nothing sounds more quintessential childhood than that. Maybe playing flashlight tag, getting muddy in the woods, or digging holes to China. Now you’re beginning to think we're just weird.


I feel like time capsules were big in the ‘50s, along with fallout shelters and Sputnik. Maybe there really was a concern of nuclear warfare, and so the idea arose that we should put pieces of our culture into the ground as a way to preserve them. The idea is a lot of fun; creating something that lasts beyond you to be discovered by a human that will likely live very differently from the way you are today.


They are big in 2014 and I predict a trend of people creating time capsules and having a mass burial for our future generations to find. There was a recent NPR article about Andy Warhol. Apparently he was a collector of “stuff.” When it came time to move from the Factory into a new space, one of his workers suggested that he box items up like a time capsule. Today, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh opens them in front of an audience as a performance art piece. From fan fingernails and bees to underwear of Basqiat, it’s a very Warholian way of passing on belongings. Some time capsules are out of this world.


There are currently four time capsules that have been blasted off into space in hopes of one day being greeted by future travelers. A fifth time capsule will be launched into space in 2014 under the name KEO ltd. and supported by UNESCO. This capsule was originally supposed to be launched in 2003 with the intent of reaching humanity 50,000 years from now. Now it gets fascinating; the contents will contain a diamond that contains a drop of human blood (chosen at random) and samples of air, seawater and Earth. Everyone is invited to add their own message to the satellite time capsule by visiting their website.


Creating a time capsule can be a very mindful practice of giving to the future. A practice in stepping back and thinking of what we are doing or creating and how it might be of value to a future generation. What would we want them to know about our time here?