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12/18/2014 4:04 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Three-Step Easy Shave System

PRZMAN's Head Grooming Coach Pirooz Sarshar presents the Three-Step Easy Shave System. 

With the right tools you can get the ultimate shave. Clean Getaway Face Wash wipes out the dirt, Easy Rider Shave Lube, made for sensitive skin, is translucent letting you see your shave, and Happy Ending After Shave Mist seals and locks in hydration.

Step 1 begins with washing your mug with Clean Getaway Face Wash. Followed by Step 2 featuring a shave with Easy Rider Shave Lube.




Easy Rider Shave Lube is made for sensitive skin. It goes on clear, designed to give your razor slip and glide, allowing you to see your shave, making it the perfect tool to get creative with your facial hair.

Continue to Step 3 with for shaving techniques with Easy Rider Shave Lube.




Easy Rider Shave Lube gives you the ability to detail your facial hair, giving your razor glide, giving way to smooth results.

Continue to Part 4 as Pirooz seals the shave and hydrates his face with Happy Ending After Shave Mist.


PRZMAN's Head Grooming Coach Pirooz Sarshar finishes the Three-Step Easy Shave System with Happy Ending After Shave Mist.


Happy Ending contains no alcohol meaning it wont sting. It heals post-shave, hydrates, and acts as a toner, balancing your skin's pH level.

The Three-Step Easy Shave System is comprised of three products. Clean Getaway Face Wash prepares your face, Easy Rider Shave Lube allows you to see what you're shaving, and Happy Ending, hydrates and protects.