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8/19/2014 7:31 AM grooming • 0 Comments

The Straight Blade Razor

The badass of all badasses, the legend of all razors—also known as the cut throat razor. I, like every man, have always been fascinated with the straight blade. This old fashioned razor folds up into the handle, and besides looking really cool it was once the principle method of manual shaving.




  • Mastering the straight blade razor takes a lot of time and practice.


  • Key to the technique: learning how to hold the razor steady.


  • If you take care of your straight blade properly, it’ll last a generation.


  • With the straight blade razor you can alter the blade angle for different parts of your beard.


  • Make sure to stretch your skin and don’t be distracted.


  • Be careful cleaning and wiping products off the razor. This is an easy way to slice your hand open.