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9/4/2014 3:31 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Side Plank with Rotation

Step 1: Begin in full push-up position—legs extended, abs engaged, wrists under shoulders. Bridge up, squeezing thighs, body in nice, straight line.



Step 2: Slowly rotate body to the right, lifting right arm toward ceiling and bringing right leg behind you.



Step 3: Push your hips up high, away from floor, keeping both feet grounded.

Step 4: Lower back to push up position, and then rotate to left. Do 3 reps on each side.

Noah Neiman is one of NYC’s most popular celebrity and personal trainers, helping instill confidence in many from the average Joe to Kim Kardashian. He has been working in the Manhattan fitness scene since 2011 as a trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp, one of the world’s most renowned group fitness studios.

Noah is also a Nike sponsored trainer and fitness personality, hosting many events and product activations around the world. He’s been featured on programs including Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, and Nightline CBS Morning Show, as well as in outlets including Glamour, Elle, GQ and NY Times.