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8/19/2014 7:06 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Shaving Tips and Touch-Ups

  • Use your free hand to check your jawline. Chances are you’ve probably missed hair in that area.


  • Check the area between your nostrils and the top of your mustache. This area is easy to skip.


  • Check the sides of your lips and be really careful around this area whenever you’re shaving.


  • Take some warm water and dab these areas to reactivate the shaving solution. Don’t rush and go over these areas again to get the cleanest shave.




In the morning you’re groggy, so it’s very easy to forget certain areas on your face where the hair is hidden. Take a little extra time to make sure you didn’t miss any spots, and if you did, splash warm water over the area to reactivate the product.