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8/19/2014 11:11 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Sexy Touch Without Unzipping

Imagine you’re out at a bar with someone that you're hoping will turn into a future lover. She’s made it clear that she is into you; however, she wants to see if you have the skills to please her before she considers whether or not to go somewhere more private. How can you show your willing partner that you aim to please without undoing a single button or zipper?


1. Ask before making things physical. 

Every guy can have their own way of asking – sweet, tough, shy or flirty – but the most important thing is that he verbally checks in. Making assumptions can be an immediate turnoff.


2. Invite her to show you her favorite spot. 

Once you’ve shown you respect her by establishing consent (checking again at each step), inquire about her favorite spot. Start a game together where she brushed the side of her neck, back of her knee, or anywhere else that turns her on. Your job is to follow her lead, giving her subtle touches she finds most exciting.


3. Let her imagine what you’re capable of. 

Not only are you assured to find the right spot, but she’s learning that you want to please her just the way she wants; all she needs to do is show you how she likes it!