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3/2/2015 2:08 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Scent is Everything

If you’re wearing yesterday’s socks and last’s night Korean BBQ in your pores, there’s a good chance you smell like s**t. And if that’s the case then you are probably aware of it and you are using your personal care products and lots of body spray to cover it up. If this sounds familiar, then this article and my new product line are definitely for you.   

Trying to cover up your man stench, you use: soap, shampoo, deodorant, and fragrance (hold the Axe, please). What if all of these products have different and conflicting scents? While each product might smell good on its own, the opposing scents and fragrances combined can quickly turn from a lot of good smells to smelling like that guy on the train you had to cover your nose from. Achoo!

But what if all of your products had one fresh scent that was the same across the board? That’s what we had in mind when we developed the PRZMAN scent. All of our body, hair and skin care products feature the same insanely refreshing, citrus-y scent, so no more opposing smells - just a great smelling you.

Top notes include lemon essential oil, mandarin essential oil and galbanum, middle notes include geranium orris and basil, and base notes include patchouli, tonka beans and cedarwood.


The use of citrus oils in a scent has been told to reduce anxiety and stress levels while increasing a feeling of overall well being and happiness. We took this into deep consideration when choosing which notes to play with.

At PRZMAN it is our mission to create a positive lifestyle product for our clients so that they can live happily throughout their every day.