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8/19/2014 12:42 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Rise Up: Show Respect, Man

Standing to greet someone is a sign of dignity and respect. Here are a few scenarios of when you should always rise to the occasion.


1. Introductions.

When being introduced to anyone, no matter whom it is, you stand up. It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting them for the first time or if they are old friends—don’t be lazy.


2. Stand taller.

Are you attending philanthropy events or wining and dining the CEO? Always stand when you’re being introduced to someone of importance.


3. Honorable guest.

So you have the honorable guest seat and you’re right next to the host of the party or event. You should rise as the host does to make acquaintance. All eyes are on you.


4. Be patriotic.

Stand during the National Anthem. Remove those hats too, men.


5. In the company of women.

Stand when the female host of the event walks into the room or approaches you to say hello.