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8/19/2014 6:41 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Multi-Blade Razor

The multi-blade razor features cartridges with three, four, five (or more) blades. My favorite is still the classic Mach 3 with three blades. As someone who has performed tons of shaves on people from various backgrounds, in my opinion, the Mach 3 is still the best razor.


I know how much research went into the Mach 3. Since its genesis, a few other razor companies have popped up. Gillette was holding us by the balls; the multi-blade cartridges are really expensive. Why do you think drug stores attach sensors to those boxes? Because people were like ‘I’m not paying this much for my razor!’





  • Since the multi-blade razor has more blades, it meets more contact points on the beard.


  • Pressure is evenly distributed, which really helps in avoiding cuts and razor drag.


  • Multi-blade razors cut hair more efficiently than double edge razors.


  • Since the blades are so close together, multi-blade razors get clogged easily and must be rinsed often during the shave.