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3/26/2015 9:48 AM grooming • 0 Comments

The 5 Best Groomed Men of March Madness

It’s finally March Madness, which means it’s time once again to obsess over your office bracket. It’s also prime time for some of the NCAA’s best and brightest to shine. Here’s our list of the best coiffed guys on the court.


1.     Melo Trimble (Maryland)

This freshman guard might be young, but he’s already made a big impression with his killer flat top. By keeping his goatee and mustache nicely manicured, he maintains his clean-cut, all-American look.


2.     Sam Malone (Kentucky)

This is how you ride out your senior year – with perfectly groomed facial hair. While he’s let his stubble grow in, giving him that manly, effortlessly cool look which is hard to nail, this Wildcat has made sure to sculpt the natural lines at his neck and cheek.


3. Kelly Oubre Jr. (Kansas)

If there’s one thing this freshman isn’t short on, it’s swagger. He’s embraced the natural texture of his curly hair on top, but kept things sleek on the side with a fade. We’ve also got to give him props for the sleeves of body-art he so proudly rocks. Confidence is everything.


4. Jake Layman (Maryland)

Just the look at the intensity on this Terp’s face – the fire in his eyes. Even in the heat of the moment, caught in the thrill of the game, there isn’t a single hair out of place. Yet, note the lightness and full-bodied movement of his golden tresses. This guy knows how to use product.


5.    Coach Jay Wright (Villanova)

Here is a man who leads by example. That clean-shaven face and perfectly styled salt and pepper do truly command your respect. He’s an inspiration to coaches nationwide, proving that you can sport a well-tailored three piece suit on the court, while leading your team to victory.