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December 2014 - Travis Brorsen

Travis Brorsen, NYC celebrity dog trainer, schools us on best training methods, his successful education business, and how working with dogs is similar to handling people relationships. 

You have proven yourself a pack leader. Tell us how you got into the dog obedience business.


In 2008 I competed in the CBS national dog training competition, Greatest American Dog. The concept of the competition was to grow the relationship between owners and their dogs while testing them with never before seen or attempted challenges. I learned that training a dog was just like building a relationship or friendship based on trust, respect, loyalty and kindness. I like working with dogs but I love helping people develop their relationships with their dogs even more.


When starting your challenge on Greatest American Dog producers thought you and your pooch wouldn’t make it to the finals. How did you prove them wrong?


Think of it like the law we follow, asking us not to steal or break the law isn’t a crazy request, they are rules to follow. It’s the same concept for our dogs, setting rules and boundaries help build a foundation for earning your dogs trust and respect. If we were eating dinner, I had Presley in a sit/stay in his bed, rewarding him every two minutes for staying. If we were outdoors, we were turning training into play, remembering that this is supposed to be fun, not punishment.


What was it like to be on a reality show? And how did your life change after?


We weren’t allowed to bring any personal items; computers, watches, cell phones, etc. So being forced to live in a house with eleven other owners and their dogs was very trying at times. Presley, my 14 month old boxer at the time, and I didn’t enter the competition with much respect for each other. But by the end, we were best friends all because I took the time to spend with him. It changed my outlook on life, relationships and motivated me to start a business that would make life better for other people.


If you had one lesson for new dog owners, what would that be?


Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle and consider adopting. If you make a decision to get a dog, make sure everyone in the household is willing to chip in, consistency in training is the key!


After winning the show, you went on to build a curriculum for children to learn how to make friends and practice proper manners. Tell us how training dogs translates into training children (LOL).


Training dogs is based on creating a positive learning environment, keeping sessions short, fun and ending on a good note so they have a good experience. Teachers also create positive learning environments where children feel safe. Making learning fun helps students retain the information and if they can give the children a positive experience school can be fun! Using a dog helps focus the attention of the students, encouraging self-control, which allows kids to be more attentive and increases educational productivity.


You have been featured in Cesar Milan’s book Top Dogs & Their Pets and worked very closely with Celebrity Dog Trainer, Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet’s hit series “It’s Me or The Dog” in addition to starting an education business, what’s next for you?


The short time I’ve lived in New York City, I’ve worked as a dog trainer on National Geographic's "Brain Games" and will be featured on a hit series in New York City to air in the Spring of 2015. I want to continue to focus on helping NYC dog owners grow bonds and relationships with their pets. There are many things we can learn from our pets if we take the time to work with them. I want Greatest American Dog trainers to be the “GO TO” in NYC!


We heard you shaved with the PRZMAN Shaving Sucks products. What did you think?


I LOVE them!! As a guy who hates shaving because of the pull I feel with other shave creams, now it’s as smooth as butter, NO JOKE! Now I shave because I like it, not just because it makes my wife happy.


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