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8/19/2014 12:00 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Manhood TV Beet Salad

When I was a kid in Persia, around the age of seven I remember driving on the dark highways of Tehran with my father. No kidding, on the sides of the dark highways there would always be some ballsy individuals with lanterns operating food carts.


As you drove past them, these guys would scream about whatever they were selling, whether it was a banana milkshake, the famous Persian hotdogs, or sour pickled beets. One night, I made my father pull over. Imagine you’re standing in the dark, cars flying by ‘whooooom,’ and the dude from the food cart would be feeding you beets. That was some crazy shit man, and now that I think about it, dangerous would be an understatement. Fast forward a few years and I want to share with you my version of a beet salad. Every time I think about making beets, I remember those sour beets on the side of the highway. But for now, let’s start with a basic beet salad recipe that any man out there can make at home.




1. In the case of our basic beat salad, you don’t need to roast the beets or go through some major operation. If you live in a major, secondary, or even a small town, your local grocery or gourmet food store will have a packet of already roasted beets. Buy a case.


PRZ Beet Salad


2. As you can see, I’m slicing the beets to my liking, but you can cut them into cubes if you like. You don’t have to cut them at all, but they’ll be pretty darn hard to swallow.


PRZ Beet Salad 2


3. Put your beets in a salad bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep because before you serve the beets, you want to them to be absorbed by the dressing that’ll provide delicious flavor.


4. Take a teaspoon of salt (to taste), half teaspoon of pepper, squeeze half a lemon (minus the seeds of course), 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and ¼ cup of olive oil. Then take some soft goat cheese or any goat cheese of your liking, take some pieces in little balls and mix into the mixture, followed by tablespoon of chopped parsley.


5. Toss your salad. Get your mind out of the gutter, man, you’re reading the “Food” section. Take a big spoon and lightly mix the beets and the mixture.


PRZ Beet Salad 3



6. Take a white plate or the serving dish of your choice and spoon up some of your now beet salad. Easy as that.


Now, some people will probably read this and say that you should roast your own beets using honey, orange juice, maple syrup, or some of sort of nuts, like hazelnuts. These are all great suggestions as well, but sometimes with us men you have to take it easy, otherwise we’ll tell you to go (bleep bleep bleep). We’ll get there guys, we’ll get there.