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November 2014 - Kalin Moon

Tell us about the new digs and Lucky Guy.

Lucky Guy is the evolution and culmination of everything I've been a part of for the last 10 years. Part social club, part work/social space, part tailor and barber, our members consider our lounge an "urban oasis" for the modern man. In addition to our members lounge, we curate experiences, events and opportunities exclusively for our members. Needless to say, it's good to be a Lucky Guy.


Lucky Guy isn’t your first business endeavor. What were you doing before? We heard you're a card shark (wink)!

Ha. I'm no "card shark.” I’m the founder of House Play, a private social club that was born out of a poker game I hosted at my home. My friends appreciated having their "own place" and being catered to, so they encouraged me to open a dedicated space where they could host their own events and meet other young professionals.


Between your entrepreneurial efforts and being a great dad and husband, you must be a busy guy. What advice do you have for men balancing family and biz?

The best advice I have ever received was given to me by my father. He said, "Put your family first in everything you do and you will never make the wrong decision.” Besides following my father's advice, I just make sure I'm not spending too much time away from my family.


As you know, PRZMAN teaches men how to improve their lives through better grooming and lifestyle practices. Tell us about the routines that keep you winning. Anything related to your personal regimens?

At 29, I moved to New York City wearing off the rack shirts/suits and cutting my own hair. It's not that I didn't care how I looked, I just did not know any better. After moving to NYC, I discovered it does not take much effort or money to look your best.


I found a great barber (Spiff for Men), tailors (Knot Standard and Duca Sartoria), and started getting an hour massage and facial once a month. The most important thing I do daily is use a moisturizer with SPF for my face. These simple changes have literally transformed my look. Looking your best means feeling your best, and when you feel and look great, you attract success.


I think this is the case for most men. We just don't know any better. The modern man should know more about dressing and grooming than our fathers ever taught us. That's why trusted resources like PRZMAN are so valuable. They show you just how easy it is to be our best.


Live in New York City? Become a Lucky Guy today.