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8/19/2014 11:00 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Introducing Anal Sex To Your Partner

Anal sex is often one of those activities that can be both frightening and exciting to think about. When it’s done poorly, it can be painful, dangerous, and upsetting; however, when it’s done well it can be tremendously pleasurable for everyone. Here are some tips for proposing an exploration of the great backdoors:  


1. Start with your own rear.

Before asking your lover to back it up for you, get familiar with your own territory. Begin with your fingers or a small toy, and slowly work your way up over multiple sessions. A partner who truly understands the need for the patience, lube, and a gentle touch is more trustworthy with such delicate matters.


Perhaps your partner will be happier to receive if they have a chance to try it on you first. Besides, if you wouldn’t trust them to touch you there, should they trust you to do the same?


2. The wetter the better.

Too much lube is almost enough. Purchase a brand with good lasting power, perhaps a high quality silicone sex lubricant. Pair that with gloves and condoms, and your partner will see that you’re prepared and ready for a safe, slick, fun time. 


3. Never be pushy or “accidentally” try for anal.

Being annoying or deciding to just go for it are both forms of non-consensual sex, so don’t be a rapist. Research shows that knowing a partner is safe and that the sex will be mutually pleasurable is essential for agreeing to try something (or someone) new. Show that you’ve earned their trust in both areas by using positive, caring, and open sexual communication.