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8/19/2014 9:11 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Wash Your Face

  • Before washing your face, always start by washing your hands with hand soap.


  • Use lukewarm water, not too hot or cold. Warmer water will open your pores and this helps the face wash penetrate better.


  • A good organic face wash is concentrated so you only need a dime or nickel-size amount.


  • When washing, use the pads of your fingers and move them in a circular motion.


  • Be sure to give each area of your face attention, including your cheeks, forehead, neck, nose, and jaw, while being careful around your eyes.


  • Rinse off the product and use a clean towel to pat your face dry.




When your face is wet, don’t rub the towel on your face. Rubbing will hurt your skin. The skin on your face is so delicate, so always gently pat it dry.