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8/19/2014 10:12 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How To Use A Hairdryer


  • Always work in sections. Don’t try to do your whole head at once. Make sure your hair is damp, not completely soaked. When it’s too wet, you’ll smell the burning of hair. Not to mention it’s harder to maneuver your hands around your scalp.


  • Start at the top of you head where your hairline begins. Hold the hairdryer firmly in one hand while directing the air, and use your other hand to style and direct your hair. You’ll get better at this with practice.


  • Next, work your way to the center of your head. This will highlight your hairstyle and enhance your overall look.


  • As you finish the top of your head, move to the sides and work from left to right.


  • Finally, round everything up and work on any final details, such as hair on the back of your head, neckline, etc.


  • Spend about 10-15 seconds on each section of your head.


  • As far as temperature goes, use medium heat. You don’t want to damage your scalp by using a setting that’s too hot. Make sure you know how to properly care for your scalp.




It’s the roots of your hair that provide volume. The more you hit the roots, the more volume you’re going to get. Start at the back of your head and move to the top and center, then go from side to side.