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8/19/2014 7:34 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Shave Sensitive Skin and Curly Beard Hair

  • Always keep sensitive skin hydrated and moisturized. Apply moisturizer at night, so your skin has plenty of time to absorb it. I recommend using our Heart Breaker Facial Moisturizer.


  • Always use an aftershave that is alcohol-free. Alcohol as an ingredient will dry out your skin and can cause further irritation.


  • Always use a sharp multi-blade razor to shave with. Do not use dull razors because they’ll cause your skin to chafe. Never use disposable razors.


  • When drying your face, don’t rub but tap a clean, dry towel lightly on your face to absorb the water.


  • When it comes to your products, don’t go for effects. Go for results. Don’t use alcohol-based products that’ll dry out your skin. Use a translucent product like Easy Rider Shave Lube, so you can always see what you’re doing and where you’re shaving.


  • If you’re using shaving cream or soap, be sure to use Mane Man Beard Oil to provide extra protection and lubrication to your face.


  • Remember, when you have curly beard hair or really sensitive skin, always shave with the grain (downward).





Get in the habit of creating a good skin care regimen followed by always having a nice, clean razor. Don’t be cheap and try to get one extra shave out of a razor when you know it’s dull. Go for long-term results by investing in better products.