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2/23/2015 3:27 PM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Are you prone to those annoying and painful red bumps? Here’s why, and what we suggest to prevent them.

Ingrown hairs occur when a hair grows sideways into the skin instead of breaking through the surface. The result is a raised red bump resembling a pimple. Sometimes they show up in clusters after a shave, and they’re pretty hideous and easily irritated.

So how do you stop those bastards from messing up your nice clean mug?

1. Always shave after a warm shower

The steam from the shower will open your pores and loosen up stubborn hairs before you take a razor to the face. Make this one a habit.

2. Wash your face before

Use a natural cleanser such as PRZMAN’s Clean Getaway, and do this in the shower. So much junk builds up on your face throughout the day from sweat, debris, and dead skin. This sh*t will clog your razor and tear at your skin as you glide, not to mention the risk of infection and razor bumps.

3. Use a shave brush to apply shave cream

If you don’t have one, get one. A shave brush will also provide a gentle exfoliation which will give you a smoother, cleaner surface to glide your razor upon. It also helps soften the skin and lift the hairs for a more pain-free shave.

4. Try a translucent shave lube

Lose the foam! It can make a world of difference to actually see what you are shaving. This will allow for more accuracy in your facial hair design, as well as allow you to go a bit easier with the razor over the more touchy areas of your skin. Try PRZMAN’s Easy Rider Shave Lube made especially for sensitive skin that’s prone to ingrowns.

5. Adjust your shaving technique

The most common reason for ingrown hairs is improper technique. Make sure to shave with the grain of hair growth (downward) instead of against the grain (upward). Shaving against the grain is really harsh on sensitive skin.

6. Don’t pick

It can be really tempting but picking, scratching, and squeezing will only cause further irritation and possibly scarring. A natural and DIY practice is to exfoliate your skin weekly. Add cane sugar with a bit of olive oil to make a natural scrub, and apply lightly in circular motions. You can also add tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, as spot treatment. Using moisturizer can also help the prevent ingrown hairs, try PRZMAN’s Heart Breaker.