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8/19/2014 12:40 PM grooming • 0 Comments

How To Introduce Your Family To Others

Your family is your lifeline, your kin, and likely the people on the planet that know you the deepest. You want to show the utmost respect when introducing them to people in other spheres of your life.



When introducing your wife: “Judy, this is Congressman Howard Yates.”



When introducing a young man to your daughter: “Suzy, this is Mr. Jackson” or “Mr. Jackson, have you met my daughter Suzy?”



When introducing your husband: “Mrs. Hemingway, this is my husband, Todd.”



When presenting your friends to your mother: “Mother, this is Mr. Fink.” If it’s an intimate friend say, “Mother, this is my friend, Joy” or “Mother, this is Philip Colli.”


When a young married woman makes an introduction, she always mentions her mother’s name: “Mother, this is Mr. Fink. Mr. Fink, my mother, Dianne Parwood.”



Introduce your friends to your father the same way.