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8/19/2014 11:00 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Handle Your Penis When It Lets You Down

The Washington Monument has stood proudly erect without help since 1884, until a 5.8 earthquake struck in 2011. After the ground steadied, weak points in the monument were found and it was suddenly wrapped in scaffolding and fabric to be supported and repaired. If the most famous phallus in Washington, DC can get shaky, then there’s no shame when your own penis needs a hand.  


While it’s popular to joke that penises are simple things, they deserve a bit more respect than that. Arousal is a complex combination of relaxation, stimulation, circulation, and more. Prescriptions, medical concerns, stress, alcohol, street drugs, easily awakened children, tiredness, fertility pressures, testosterone levels, and more can get in the way of getting hard. But perhaps the most common block is simply worrying about whether your penis will work. Keep these three tips in mind:


1. You are more than your penis.

If you think your whole night of sex is shot due to your flaccid friend, then it’s time to diversify. Hands, mouths, toys, massages, and more belong in your repertoire on a regular basis. 


2. You don’t need it anyway.

Pleasure your partner with the point above, then challenge them to help you orgasm without an erection. Although they often happen together, it isn’t necessary to be hard to get off.


3. Think positive.

Often the key to getting erections back is to learn to have a great, non-awkward time without them. Switch to another activity and keep having fun. A few good experiences can help ease the pressure to perform.


Bonus Tip:

A sudden inability to get erect or ejaculate (whether alone, asleep or partnered) is a potential sign of an urgent non-sexual health matter. Visit your doctor promptly and tell them what’s up.