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8/19/2014 6:39 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How To Deal With Sensitive Skin And Curly Beard Hair Irritation

  • When curly beard hair is shaved too closely, the hair shaft curves and causes the sharpened hair to curl back into the skin.


  • The wall of the hair follicle is pierced, and before you know it you have ingrown hairs and bumps on the surface.


  • The skin will darken and you may start picking the bumps, which only causes the hair to go further into the skin and then scarring can occur.


  • Most people stop shaving and start using clippers or a trimmer on their face. Again, this only intensifies the issue. After a while, you’ll accumulate more scars, more bumps, and the beat goes on.




The key is being consistent. A skin care regimen is a must; washing your face twice a day is a must; using the right solutions and tools to shave is a must, and knowing what ingredients your skin reacts to is also essential.