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8/5/2014 7:06 PM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Deal with Baldness

  • Studies that focus on the psychological impact of balding have shown that men with visible hair loss are perceived as older, weaker, and less physically attractive than men with a full head of hair.


  • This unwelcome social stereotype negatively impacts the self-image of men suffering from hair loss. Men who suffer from hair loss say they feel physically unattractive, stressed out, and overall dissatisfied with their body image.


  • First of all, we are men. We get better with age. If you play this bald thing right, it can positively impact your life and image.


  • It all comes down to how much you respect yourself. Make it work for you and your beliefs will turn into realities.


  • It’s totally working out for Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, and a bunch of other guys.




Embrace the fact that you’re losing hair and take advantage of the fact that you’re looking more distinguished. That’s a lot more attractive than hiding it.