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8/19/2014 11:43 AM grooming • 0 Comments

How To Cure A Hangover

Oh yeah. You’re out at the bar having a few drinks with the buddies, when suddenly, a good looking brunette says to you, “You aren’t drinking enough.” You say, “Oh, I have a great buzz going,” looking not at her but at her chest, and then suddenly she says, “I’m three ahead of you,” and calls you the “P” word/a wussy. All of the sudden, your man instincts kick in and you know you have to brace yourself, because at this juncture, it’s the point of no return.


Then, you wake up in the morning, wanting to hug the beautiful brunette, because you obviously have no idea what happened last night. All you have next to you are two strands of her hair, an earing, and if you’re lucky a bra, but you’re left hugging your pillow. As the sun beams down on you, you try to sit up. But then, you feel it; your head weighs a thousand pounds. Next, you’re at your thrown, feeling like hell, begging the guy above and saying, “I promise I’ll never drink like this ever again. I swear I’ll never do this again, so help me.” It’s going to be a long dragging day, because you my friend are hung over.


Is there anything worse than a hangover? Of course there is, but ask anyone suffering from one and they would beg to differ. We can’t pick the worst part of them either. Is it the headaches from hell? The reappearance of last night’s mistaken midnight burrito back from the way it came? Or the fact that light makes you want to punch your grandmother? Either way, it’s a nasty tradeoff after a night of drinking, but there are some steps that can help you bounce back the morning after.


Don’t Drink (As Much): Much like how not having sex is the safest way to not catch an STI or prevent pregnancy (thanks Bristol!), not drinking is the only sure fire way to avoid a hangover. Actually, you don’t even have to completely stop. Just avoid overdoing it. Most studies agree that six to eight standard drinks is the threshold for a hangover, so staying under that increases your chances for a pain -free morning.


Water, Water Everywhere: Much like how the abstinence method is about as fun as, well, abstinence, not drinking isn’t really the hangover cure most of us are looking for. The key to preventing a hangover is to circumvent the problematic after effects of alcohol. When your liver starts taking care of all your ingested alcohol, it dehydrates the rest of your body, most noticeably your brain. To combat that, drink plenty of water before, during and after. Even a large glass of water right before falling asleep will help the next day.


To B6 Or Not To B6: Unfortunately, if most of us are worrying about a hangover we won’t exactly be in the best state to drink a big glass of water before falling asleep. If we’re lucky enough, we'll make it into the bed. Fortunately, taking a lot of vitamin B6 while drinking helps counteract a hangover. And we mean a lot of B6. One study gave its participants 1200 mg of the stuff. The recommended daily intake is 1.3 mg. So yeah, stock up on your vitamin pills.


Eat Smarter: If shoving a handful of pills down your throat isn’t your forte, try finding food with more vitamin B6. Chickpeas and beef liver offer you the most bang for your B6 buck, but that'll probably cause more vomiting than the hangover itself. Non-citrus fruits help, as do starchy vegetables like potatoes. Strawberry french fries, anyone?


More Alcohol Won’t Help: No matter what your high school friend that never left your hometown says, more alcohol (or a “lighter” alcohol) will not prevent or stop a hangover. All it does is hold off the hangover. You’ll only feel it later.


What To Avoid: Turns out, some alcohol is more hangover-inducing than others. Rum, red wine and brandy are among the drinks that are more likely to give you a hangover. So be sure to throw that back into the face of all the wine snobs out there who try to tell you about its “healing” powers. Beer and vodka, on the other hand, are less likely to give you a hangover. But again, if you drink enough of it, even beer and vodka will leave you in pain when you wake up.