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1/19/2015 3:03 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Grooming the Groom Checklist

Unless the wedding planner or hyperactive bride told you exactly what to do, here is a ready-to-go checklist to get you, the groom, groomed.


1. Visualize


Look at men’s fashion magazines. Rip out pages and take notes. Check out classic photos of inspiring men, like JFK. Gather these images (physically) and start to shape your look. Consider your weight, your budget, and what your partner will be wearing.



2. To shave or not to shave


If you want to have a 5 o’clock shadow for your wedding day, give yourself a shave two days before the big day and let your beard grow out. If you want to grow out a beard for your wedding, let it grow out loosely for a few weeks and then trim it up the day before using a beard trimmer with different length settings. If you’re going for that classic, clean-shaven look, use a botanically shave cream to ensure it’s a smooth, nick-free shave the day of.



3. Play dress up


She’s put on 150 dresses, but you’re still recovering from your bachelor party. Now what? You need time to get it right, so practice putting on the tux, styling your hair, shaving, shining your shoes, whatever it is. Get comfortable with it now, so when the day arrives, you avoid any last minute hiccups.



4. Get a facial


I highly recommend getting routine facials. If you can manage it, once per month, otherwise once every few months. This service will clean out any skin impurities and freshen up your face. Just make sure that you book your facial one week before the big day so you aren’t dealing with any unexpected redness or peeling.



5. Get a manicure and pedicure


Two services I highly recommend getting a day before or the day of the wedding. They will make you feel really relaxed and refreshed. Everyone is going to be congratulating you and shaking your hand, so your paws should look and feel great. Not to mention, you don’t want to have nasty, cracked feet on your honeymoon, dude.



6. Get your wedding day haircut a week before


Your hair needs some time to settle in after a chop. Especially if they cut it too short and you look like you’ve enlisted in the army instead of coupledom. Number 1 rule here, make sure you’re really comfortable with your barber/stylist. Now’s not the time to venture out to someone new.



7. Test your hairstyle


Depending on how long your wedding is, or how hot it’ll be on location, your hairstyling products must be considered and tested. Will your hairstyle last the first round of pictures and through the ceremony? Please consider. Talk to your stylist, and have them show you what and how much to apply.



8. Avoid sweaty-ass fabrics


As a general rule, stay away from polyester. If you are getting hitched in a tropical climate, wear something lightweight like cotton or linen. If your wedding is in a colder season, wool and flannel are two great options that will keep you insulated.