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8/19/2014 12:23 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Groom The Wild: How To Shed Your Winter Coat

Darkness. Cold. Too many pizza boxes and not enough gym days. The winter months have left us confused in a tailspin of one polar vortex after another. While we had punctuated moments of juice bar visits and Crossfit experimentation, we became rather slow creatures burrowed in our den’s constructing sheet forts and binge watching Game of Thrones. We grew a beard, grew a pant size, and our skin has turned a pallid white. At least the wardrobe has stayed consistent with a monochromatic scheme of black and greys. We look for warmth in color. We shed the winter waste that we have been carrying around and present a refreshed, healthier version of ourselves for the summer months.


Have you noticed how extensively the changing of seasons affects our grooming and lifestyle patterns?


1. Changing Supplements

Whether we see it from our cubicle constructed alleyways of office space or not, the length of the sun-filled days gets shorter in the winter and this can affect our internal rhythms. We start to miss out on vitamin D, which is a lot more important than you may realize. The body gets around 80% of its vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, without sun it’s hard to get the vitamin D through diet alone. Studies have shown its role in immunity health, calcium absorption and a healthy mood.  So get outside and get closer to the sun.


2. Wearing Less

Shorts, flip-flops, and tanks? Yes, tanks have become a little more socially accepted in the past few years. As we reveal more we must put more effort into the general maintenance of our outward appearance.


3. Hair Removal

We go to the stylist to get a sharp short look to feel cooler on the hot days. It’s actually more to maintain, but we put forth the effort because spirits are high on salt and sand and we want to look good at the beach. After hitting the gym consistently for a few months, we start trimming our chest hair and pull out the v-necks. If you are burly you might even opt to get your shoulders and back waxed.


4. Diets

Our diets change across seasons. During the winter months we reach for dense calorie-rich foods. Bring on the extra carbs and top it off with cheese, our animal minds prepare the body for harsher conditions by providing more nourishment. The warmer months bring lighter meals characterized by the harvest and celebrated by eating outside.


5. Colors

The colors we choose for styles often reflect the landscape from the natural world at that time of season. It sets the mood for how we feel and the swatches of fabric that we drape across our bodies. Autumn is full of rusty reds and oranges, while the winter brings greys and blacks, and spring gives birth to vibrant primaries.

Enjoy the shifts of the season and be mindful of how your grooming and lifestyle needs change.