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8/19/2014 12:27 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Giving Thanks: Ways to Show You Care

What do you bring when meeting your girlfriend's parents, staying at your friend’s beach house, or just a random act to show you care? Heck, we have so much to be thankful for.


Party Time

You never show up to a party empty handed. Always take a gift, even if it’s something small. In the south, we always give gifts to the host. This is something that I learned from my grandmother. Also, do not leave a party without saying goodbye and thanking the host. There are always instances when the hosts are too busy, but don't make it habit.


Handwritten Letters

Not a text. It doesn't have to be in cursive, shit, kids aren't even learning that in school anymore. I mean it can be, if you’re feeling fancy. What matters here is the ink on paper, expressing your gratitude for the person and occasion that you enjoyed. A handwritten letter communicates effort and foresight on your part as well. This should be done immediately after the occasion.



Fresh flowers are bright, lively, and fill the home with a sweet smell. If you’re shopping for your girlfriend’s parents, your girlfriend might be able to give some guidance as to what her mother enjoys. Succulents are a nice option and require very little attention, not to mention terrariums are very hot right now.



Brings people together over good conversation. Remember, it’s not about the price. There are many great wines out there for $20 or less. The best gift to give is something that you enjoy. Wine is a good thank you gesture for pretty much any occasion.


Add Laughs

If you’re going to a casual party, think of a gift that might add to the occasion. Cards Against Humanity, truth or dare, or Jenga might really get things moving. Sometimes I’m tempted to show up with outrageous gifts just to fuck with people or add some comic relief to a situation. Betta fish anyone? Most recently I gave someone a bottle of wine for their birthday and a pack of candy cigarettes. He wore it in his pocket that night and it was a great conversation piece.


We do these gestures because we care. The plus side is that it will be noticed. I guarantee it.