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February 2015 - Bill Colli

Bill Colli, Chief Strategy Officer of new men's brand PRZMAN, shares his POV on the men's grooming industry and why he's excited about his new all-natural project.


You've worked across the beauty landscape in companies such as Lancome, L'Oreal, Frederic Fekkai and H2OPlus. What brought you into the beauty business? 
A fluke! I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Lancome happened to be one of my corporate clients. They approached me to join them in NYC and for 11 years they taught me the business.


In a corporate environment, what’s the best way to work your way up? 
Have a passion for what you do, eagerness to learn, don't whine, work hard and smile bright!

You now sit on the board @ PRZMAN as the Chief Strategy Officer. How did that happen? 
I met Pirooz "PRZ" when I was at Frederic Fekkai over 10 years ago. We became great friends. He is a talented, charismatic individual. When he started developing the concept behind PRZMAN, I was his sounding board and behind-the-scene advisor. Now that the brand is up and running, my role became more official.  


How have you seen the men’s grooming industry change over the years? And how do you see it evolving in the future? 
Men's grooming has been a very elusive category within the Beauty space. For years, it was limited to shaving and hair styling. The prestigious and traditional women's brands all have attempted to expand it into skin care but have not been particularly successful, either because the products confuse men, or they are sold in traditional venues where guys are not comfortable shopping. Now we are seeing a trend in which the younger generations are more aware of the basics of skin care: properly washing your face, using a moisturizer, an eye product, some anti-aging, body care, etc. With the advent of the internet, research and shopping are easier. New players have entered the market. I believe this trend will continue with men learning how proper grooming is more than just shaving, and that the benefits translate into a more confident self.    

In your opinion, what makes PRZMAN different from other men's grooming brands? 
First, our products. They are developed by guys, for guys. Pirooz with many years of experience shaving, grooming, and dealing with dudes knows exactly what they want and need, hence multifunctional products that are easy to use and look cool. In addition to the nine existing products, we are developing more which will directly address men's everyday issues, some as unsexy as smelly feet, hairy backs and so forth. In addition, it was important we created effective, all-natural formulas, better than anything on the market. Our mission is really to make men feel and look their best with easy, safe, and feel-good products. Our website is loaded with content addressing and answering questions on everything a man should know, both in grooming and lifestyle. As the brand grows, we will be the one resource all men turn to for grooming solutions to problems which up until today baffled them.