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8/19/2014 6:13 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Double Edge Razor

  • Years ago, while I was working the floor at a barbershop, I got into the business of giving grooming advice. The razor that would come up most often in conversation was the double edge razor. Aside from the fact that replacing the blade is a bit of a pain, the whole process is actually pretty cool and manly.


  • The double edge razor was one of the first models of safety razors that actually reduced the likelihood of a shaving injury, and therefore decreased the level of skill required to get a perfect shave.





  • The double edge razor is not manufactured with a pivoting head, so it doesn’t adjust or contour the skin.


  • Double edge razors require very little pressure. It requires a lighter touch, unlike heavier razors.


  • Double edge razors are less expensive and they last longer.