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8/19/2014 9:17 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Different Types Of Breakouts

Just because your face is broken out doesn’t mean you have acne or herpes. Before you touch your face, which we don’t recommend you doing, read these tips and find out what exactly you have, so you know how to treat it properly.  


  • When sebum gets clogged inside a pore, a pimple forms.


  • Pores react when dead skin cells and other waste build up on your skin. Your body reacts by using white blood cells, resulting in inflammation, aka pimples.


  • Congested skin refers to those whiteheads that are hard, clogged and bumpy. This happens when you don’t digest food properly.


  • Cold sores are generally found around the mouth and lips and are a form of herpes, which can remain in the body for years. They can spread between people, tend to pop up when you’re stressed, and can also occur from UV exposure.



PRZ Tip:

When breakouts aren’t treated properly, the results are long-term, meaning they could create scarring and ignite your face to break out more because you’re touching it the wrong way. The most important thing to remember is look at it, but don’t touch it. If you do touch it, clean your face and hands, and then go after the solution.