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4/13/2015 4:28 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Cleaning the Back of Your Ears

While daily washing is essential for most men, there are certain areas in particular that are overlooked. One I’d like to point out includes washing behind the ears.

Sebaceous glands are found throughout your body to keep our skin lubricated and waterproof. They secrete an oily or waxy matter called sebum. Sebum is odorless, but packed with bacteria, which after breaking down exudes a scent of nasty, expired cheese. Sebum is present throughout the body including the back of your ears. as it has nowhere else to go. It’s either covered by hair, hidden behind cartilage or commonly missed in your regular bathing routine.

To reduce sebum and keep your ears clean, follow the PRZ guidelines.

1. Scrub behind your ears

Actually scrub the area behind your ears with a washcloth or loofa sponge (other areas to take particular notice to for sebum buildup are your armpits, under breasts (men included), and belly button).

2. On the go?

Use a facial cleansing cloth or moist towelette behind your ear. A few swipes will do the trick and remove sebum buildup. Remember, just because you don’t feel yourself perspiring, doesn’t mean you aren’t.

3. Cologne?

Remember, don’t overpower cologne behind the ears. If you do have excess sebum, masking the odor won’t fix the problem. Cleaning the area is best practice.