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January 2015 - Arash Shirazi

Recently recognized as a leading entrepreneur by Fast Company magazine, Arash Shirazi is one of the most sought after talent agents in the dance music industry. He is the co-founder, president and CEO of The Bullitt Agency, a music management group that represents some of the world’s cutting-edge electronic music artists. Shirazi oversees the agency's offices in Washington, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. He is also a freelance writer on the auto industry and recently interviewed former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. He currently lives between Los Angeles and Washington, DC with his fiancé.



What was your inspiration for getting into the music industry?

I’ve always had an affinity toward music and entertainment and was glued to MTV in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Also growing up with a (now famous) musician/DJ brother, I was constantly around music and exposed to music events. I was also always entrepreneurial, and so my love of music and business eventually intersected a few years after graduating from business school. 


How have you seen the genre evolve since you’ve set your mark, and where do you see it going in the future? 

The genre (electronic dance music) has evolved precipitously since I started in the industry. Back then, it was very rogue and definitely in the embryonic stages, at least in the U.S. It wasn’t considered a conventional career path as dance music was mostly underground, seldom supported by radio.


I can’t speculate how electronic music will go in the future, but we’re certainly seeing the early adopters of EDM tastes evolve into the more esoteric genres like techno, underground, and deep house. Also, the “gold rush” of exorbitant DJ fees has subsided as there are so many more dance music festivals and events in the U.S. than ever before.


Why did you decide to start your business in Washington?

It’s hard to believe but Washington, DC has deep music roots. The 9:30 Club is still one of the most famous live venues, it’s a city that launched the birth of Go Go, and had a formidable punk scene in the 80s. It’s also home to electronic music legends like Thievery Corporation, BT, and Deep Dish, to name a few. 


The Bullitt Agency set up shop with a second office in Barcelona. What brought you guys to Spain?

Ibiza! Actually, we have clients all over the EU and so we wanted to open a Europe office that could serve our Europe clients and help grow our worldwide footprint. Barcelona seemed like a natural pick because it has a great airport, is close to Ibiza where we do events weekly in the summer and lot of folks in our industry have relocated there. The weather isn’t bad either.


You’ve produced documentaries. How did you get into this field?

I love everything about filmmaking and I jumped to be a part of this documentary “Above Ground Level." It’s something that I grew into organically and it’s been such a great learning process. It’s something I definitely want to continue.


You’re a car enthusiast. Talk to us about your top picks.

Too many to list! I do love how Mercedes has repositioned itself in the past two years and moved staid Teutonic German designs to now putting out some of the world’s most beautiful cars. Here’s a quick list to share:


Economy Car: Mazda 3

Small Sedan: Audi S3

Family Sedan: Mazda 6

Large Luxury Sedan: Mercedes S Class

Sport Coupe: BMW 335i/M4

Guilty Pleasure: Porsche 911

SUV: Range Rover


What makes you feel fresh to death? 

Well, I’m Persian so it has to be cologne! Right now, I like Serg Lutens and Blaise Mautin, both which I found in Paris.


We heard you’ve known our Head Coach and Founder since childhood. Give us the scoop on what PRZ was like back in the day!

Always creative, always late, and loyal to a fault.


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