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3/11/2015 9:43 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to grow a garden you can be proud of. Herbs are a great gardening option as they’re space efficient, low maintenance, and loaded with flavor.

All you need is a windowsill where they can get a few hours of sun each day, even during the winter. There are lots of great, fool-proof herb growing kits on the market as well. The best part of having your own herb garden is having garnishes for food and drink readily available.

Here are my top 5 herbs:

1. Basil

It smells great and is essential for a good pesto.

2. Cilantro

It’s got a very distinct flavor and is used heavily in some of the most flavorful cuisines including Latin, Caribbean and Asian.

3. Rosemary

A true spice rack all-star. It smells amazing and makes a huge impact on chicken, lamb, pork, salmon and tuna.

4. Parsley

The world’s most popular herb has a ton of health benefits.

5. Sage

A true classic with lots of nutritional and medical value.

Fresh herbs are also great for spicing up cocktails. Here are two great recipe from our friends at Living Skylines, whose mission is to plant as much of Manhattan's 38,000 acres of rooftops as possible, in an effort to beautify the city and bring New Yorkers back to their roots.

Don Quixote

1fl oz lime juice

1fl oz agave syrup

4 sprigs cilantro

3 thick slices cucumber

1 thick slice jalapeno

2 oz tequila blanco

Queen of England

1 lime wedge

1 handful chopped cucumber

3 basil leaves

0.5 oz simple syrup

2 oz Hendrix gin

Splash of soda water