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8/20/2014 1:27 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Step It Up: 4 Great Shoes For Dads

Just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean you have to dress like one. If you’re going to keep just four shoes in the small amount of closet space your wife has not yet taken over, these are the ones to get.


Step It Up: 4 Great Shoes For Dads


Neelix Vibe by Clark’s

This is a fresh addition to any wardrobe, with super soft suede and leather accents to compliment any occasion – from scooping the kids at school to taking the wifey out on the town.


Step It Up: 4 Great Shoes For Dads 2

Chuck Taylor by Converse

Remember that iconic star on the heel? You can hang onto this hi-top from your childhood, and show your kids that you still got the moves on the court.


Step It Up: 4 Great Shoes For Dads 3


Men’s Ravenna 5 by Brooks

Being a dad, you have to be able to move quickly at all times. When you finally get some free time to exercise, make sure you have a high performance running shoe. These also go great with jeans.


Step It Up: 4 Great Shoes For Dads 4


'Hiapo' Flip Flop by OluKai

If it’s summertime, you’re likely spending every waking moment at the pool or beach. Invest in some nice flip-flops that give you more arch support than that foam pair you bought three years ago from the dollar store. These are a righteous choice.