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10/27/2015 5:23 PM grooming • 0 Comments

The Classic Yet Modern Cognac

PREMIS Legend established in 2006, is the new peak of exquisite where good transcends beyond great and sets a genuine precedence for which legacies are established. True to its origins and rich with tradition, Legend is a cognac that is blended to captivate the regal palate. At first taste you revel in enchantment as it glides on your tongue and smoothly slides down your throat like a silken potent elixir. Legend has an awakening vitality as it channels through you inoculating your senses with satisfaction. As your sensibilities process the experience the episode continues with bitter sweet decadence, desiring more. Lastly, authentic to the characteristics bestowed of a legend you experience a vague humility that beckons your worthiness. Yet, you affirm your merit by granting yourself the deserved permission to indulge in another taste to savor!