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1/26/2015 3:03 PM grooming • 0 Comments

7 Ways to Groom for a Hot Date

Whether you’re recently single or have been playing the field for some time, I wanted to share with you a few personal tricks I’ve used in the past to score a hot date. While these may not seem so obvious, I promise you it’s worth the effort.


1. Condition your hands and feet


Your hands are an extension of your heart. They give and receive, they touch, they express. Your future mate will be checking out your hands from the first handshake. Get a manicure and while you’re at it, get a pedicure, regularly. Hang nails, cracked cuticles, and sandpaper feet could be a deal breaker.


2. Avoid chapped, dry lips


Did you know dry lips are the first sign of dehydration? Drink water, dude, and exfoliate your lips regularly to eliminate dry skin that builds up and cracks with cold. Brushing your lips with a toothbrush every day is a great way to keep them smooth.


3. Get enough sleep


You want her body, so take care of yours. Six hours of sleep works for me, but you know your body, listen to it. If you lack sleep, your brain cannot function and your energy suffers especially in matters of the heart. And if you are just an overall party animal and sleep is the last thing you’re focused on, use PRZMAN’s Mug Shot under your eyes to get the blood flowing and rid you of your gnarly dark circles.


4. Keep up with your haircut


Looking this good doesn’t happen naturally. Find a barber or a stylist you really like, and make an appointment with them every month for a touch up especially in the neck and sideburn area. Growing your hair out? You still need shaping. Every month.



5. Be aware of your grooming products


Does your hair product melt when you sweat? Obviously do not use it when your goal that night is to get steamy.



6. Wax and trim unwanted hair


Don’t be that guy. Take a careful look at your ear hair, nose hair, and eye brows. Start incorporating this practice into your regular routine, so it doesn’t feel like such a chore on occasions such as a hot date. Invest in an ear/nose hair trimmer, and here’s how to trim those areas up. When it comes to your brows, see a specialist, but also get your own tweezers.  


7. Use talcum powder in your underwear


Your junk is naturally going to get sweaty, not your fault. Dust some talcum powder down there before you head out, and you’ll find things down there stay drier and fresher. This’ll give you the confidence to approach anyone, because you’ve got nothing to hide. You can find talcum powder for cheap at any drugstore.