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7/8/2015 10:53 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Sunburns Suck

In spite of the type of skin you have, whether you have a olive or dark complexion, the sun’s UV rays are severely stronger then they have ever been, this means that anyone can get burned. So if you have the mis-fortune of getting a sunburn which means you didn’t take the time to read our tips on tanning and also protecting yourself from the sun, here are some pointers to help you make this experience, well hopefully a more pleasant one.


  • Over the Counter Pain Reliever - one of the first things I recommend is taking an Ibuprofen or aspirin, which helps reduce the inflammation around the burned areas and also helps relieve the discomfort and pain.


  • Anti-inflammatory Pastes and Solutions - these can be anti- inflammatory topical solutions, beginning with the best known being aloe Vera, followed by antibiotic ointments and finally cortisone cream. Of course any of these would be applied to the affected areas.


  • Apply Cold Wash Cloth - Dampen a soft, cotton washcloth, you can actually dampen several and put them in the fridge and start laying them on the affected areas. If you happen to put your washcloth in the fridge, you can re-wet it and use it a second or third time.


  • Make Aloe Your Best Friend - remember when you apply it, to do it gently, use the pads of your fingers, do not press too hard and its not like applying a typical moisturizer, your skin has burned so everything needs to happen very slowly other wise it will get more irritated. Keep on reapplying aloe only helps.


  • Protect Your Burn - do not try to battle the sun, you will not win, meaning if you are on vacation or at a weekend get away, and lets say you got burned the first day, you are going to have to stay in the shade until you heal, other wise you will get sun poisoning which will make you really sick or worse you would be asking for all the bad traits that can potentially cause skin cancer. If you do go outside, stay in the shade, wear clothing over the burned areas and if you can in no way avoid the sun, make sure you are wearing an SPF 30 and above as well as a hat.


  • Loose Clothing - Wear clothing that is very loose and the best/ softest cotton you can find. I would recommend anything that is not a tight fit, anything baggy or lose. The reason I am being so aliment about the cotton is that you want to give your skin a chance to breathe.


  • Drink Water - Sunburns will dehydrate you, the best way to combat this and balance everything out is by drinking plenty of water, at least 6 to 8, 8 ounce glasses a day.


  • Moisturize - when you do moisturize, until your sunburn is completely healed, I recommend using an unscented moisturizer. Fragrance in products can be irritating, especially to damaged sensitive skin. Make sure to apply double the dosage on the burned areas; this will also help you in cases where you may be peeling.


  • Cold Showers and Baths - when it comes to cleaning yourself make sure to take showers or bath in cooler temperatures. Hot water will irritate your skin, it can cause blistering as well as more damage to the burn, just cool things off until you get better and do not use products in the shower that are scented, the more conditioning the product without any fragrances the better.