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8/24/2015 10:50 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Ice On The Face

Ice has a great deal in terms of the benefits it offers; it can rapidly recondition your skin and give it a renewed appearance. Ice can also help your face appear smoother in that it has the ability to tighten your pores making your face appear more even.


Ice is also great to use to rescue skin that is inflamed or broken out one of the best times to use ice is after a hot shave. Shaving is an act of exfoliation, meaning you are removing dead skin or some cases just skin in general. The temperature constricts the blood vessels in the face as well calming some of the redness and swelling. This process also helps close the pores, stop the irritation and heal your face.


Remember like everything else use ice in moderation. Ice cubes straight to your skin if done vigorously can trigger fragile capillaries beneath your skin to break. So what I recommend doing if you are going to play with or apply allot of ice on your face is to wrap the ice cubes in a soft cloth towel.


Ice can also be a great tool to employ when your face is inflamed and can be very calming for conditions like acne.