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11/17/2015 11:14 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Energizing Bronze Cream

Sometimes in the winter when we are looking all pale and white, due to the winds and extremities of the weather, its nice to have a partner in crime to give you a little color and boost to your skin tone.


I recently got to try a Recipe for Men's energizing bronze cream and I have to say I love it. As someone who has tested basically every bronzer, tinting and BB cream out there, I found that this stuff was awesome. 


The issue I have found with most of the suspect tinting creams is that the color is rarely consistent and the one thing that annoys me the most is that some of them make you look orange.


The Recipe bronzing cream is lightweight so it doesn’t feel oily. It helps you look and create a natural glow as well as a nice balance on the skin, which completely changes the state of your complexion.


The product contains vitamin B5 and jojoba, which help in living the skin looking and feeling smooth, while helping to prevent irritation.


This winter I highly recommend getting some Recipe For Men’s energizing bronze cream, why look like Casper the friendly ghost, when you can look refreshed and on your game.