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3/31/2015 12:07 PM grooming • 0 Comments

How to Protect Your Skin At It’s Most Vulnerable

Let me set the scene for you: It’s early in the morning and you’re barely awake. You’ve got your entire day, full of ups and downs, ahead of you. You naturally start things off by taking a sharp object to your face. You don’t just take off hair, but skin as well. 


This has been your daily routine for as long as you can remember. What you don’t realize, however, is that for your skin each shave is a fresh start. Your epidermis is breathing, feeling and, believe it or not, thinking in its own way. 


This is what I call “first exposure.” The skin around your freshly shaved beard is extremely susceptible to irritation and infections, long after you’ve put your blade away. 


The last thing you should be doing during this period is touching your face. Chances are your hands are dirty from the product you just applied to your hair, the croissant you just downed, or from the endless variety of bacteria coating the train on your morning commute. 


In my experience of shaving thousands of men I have learned two key things about “first exposure.” Firstly, 90% of the time skin irritation occurs because men touch their face with unclean hands. Secondly, it’s always important to close up your pores with cold water once your shave is complete. Follow this up with a few sprays of PRZMAN Happy Ending aftershave mist to the face and neck. Don’t forget to keep your dirty mitts from your mug for at least two hours. 


I firmly believe that every man deserves a Happy EndingThis revolutionary no-touch mist quickly soothes the burn and reduces the redness caused by shaving. Happy Ending’s unique formula not only fights inflammation, but hydrates to reduce fine lines and floods the skin with necessary post shave nutrients as well. This super soothing mist combines contains Aloe Vera, Organic Neroli, Allantoin, Vitamin B, and Green Tea Extract.