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8/19/2014 11:52 AM grooming • 0 Comments

You’re Bald, Man


Growing up in Washington, DC, one thing I learned was standard: a conservative appearance and lack of style for men. Even though I’m a New Yorker now, I’m extremely fortunate to have a Washingtonian background. But one of the biggest reasons why men in Washington are known for their bad sense of style is the vast majority of the capital’s bald and thinning men who don’t want to face reality.


Many try to hide it with a comb over, others try to grow the sides out, and even their best friends pretend not to notice. Face it: you’re bald, man. I used to own a successful chain of grooming shops in D.C. When balding men would come in, I’d always encourage them to cut their hair short. Sometimes it would take years to convince them, especially the ones who were in politics. But I’d bluntly tell them, “Hey, you have no hair worth saving. Those pathetic, precariously perched pieces of stretched strings are not covering your scalp. Give it up and embrace nature, you’ll look much better.”


The most common form of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia (AGA), more commonly known as male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, none of the research done on the cause of AGA has led to any answers. And no, the folks from the “Hair Club” haven’t figured it out yet either.




Just because you’re bald doesn’t mean you should feel inferior. Use your baldness to your advantage. Just think of all the celebrities and athletes that do. A lot of guys will shave their heads because it represents strength and power.