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4/7/2015 11:38 AM grooming • 0 Comments

The Top 10 All-time Greatest Beards of Westeros

If you can't contain your excitement over the return of Game of Thrones this Sunday, congrats on being a human person with a pulse. The past five seasons have given us some insanely riveting television, along with truly glorious facial hair. Check out our picks for the best of the best.

1. Khal Drogo: Never has a chin ponytail been so menacing. Nothing else needs to be said, lest we incur the wrath of the Dothraki.


2. Tormund: This fiery shock of auburn facial hair is a sight of truly epic proportions. Wildlings will sing of it for centuries to come.


3. Ser Rodrik Cassel: You wouldn't be blamed for forgetting who exactly this guy is. A quick refresher for those in need: he's the noble Stark ally Theon beheads when he takes Winterfell. He may be gone, but that killer double braid will never be forgotten.

4. Ser Davos: That nicely blended salt and pepper beard let's you know that he's truly lived.


5. Daario Naharis: To the disappointment of many loyal book readers, his beard was not blue. To the elation of many ladies who watch the show, Michiel Huisman’s version of this character has a beard that's equal parts charming and dangerous.


6. The Mountain: So full. So burly. So imposing. 

7. Jaime Lannister: Even kidnapping, captivity, and the eventual loss of a hand couldn't disturb the ultimate pretty boy's well-maintained beard.

8. Robert Baratheon: Now that my friends, is a truly kingly beard. Just like everything else in the late king's life, it is excessive.

9. Little Finger: That 'stache, soul patch, almost-chinstrap combo make it abundantly clear that this squirrely guy just can't be trusted.


10. Maester Pycelle: You don't survive the Mad King by being a fool. If you ever doubted his wisdom, all you'd need to do is check the beard. Long, gray and full of secrets.

Bonus: One of the few glimpses we’ve gotten of Season 5 is Tyrion with a beard. What can this possibly mean?!


Bonus 2: There’s no way a list of beards could be made without acknowledging the man who started it all, George RR Martin.