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8/19/2014 6:08 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Beards 105: How To Maintain The Details Of Your Beard

  • To create more precise outlines, put down the clippers and use a beard trimmer.


  • First, remove the adjustable guard and use a comb to start your detail work.


  • Begin with the lower portion of your neckline. By touching this area up, you can create the foundation for the rest of the detail work.


  • Next, work on your mustache. Comb the hair straight down.


  • Using either scissors or trimmers, trim your mustache from the middle out toward the corners of your mouth on one side and then the other.


  • Avoid shaving or trimming the top of your mustache. A beard looks better if you let the mustache grow up to your nose.


  • Apply shave oil around and above the hair on your cheeks, below your lower lip, behind your cheeks, and underneath your ears. Use a multi-blade razor and tidy up this area to your liking.




Keep it natural, keep it simple, and let your strengths work for you. We’ve all seen that guy who’s too groomed when it comes to the details on his face, hair or brows. You don’t want to look like you used a ruler to groom your face.