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8/19/2014 6:01 AM grooming • 0 Comments

Beards 103: 7 Seven Steps To Maintaining Your Beard

  • Just like the hair on your head, wash and shampoo your beard regularly. A mild shampoo is easier on your skin.


  • After shampooing, use a conditioner. Make sure to rinse thoroughly or else you might experience flaking. Since beard hair is so coarse, a conditioner will make it feel much softer.


  • Make sure the conditioner you use doesn’t contain ingredients that cause the skin to tingle, especially if you have sensitive skin.


  • Your new beard may feel itchy at first, but this will go away once your skin adjusts to the new hair.


  • Besides washing and conditioning your beard, the best tool is beard oil. Our in-house beard oil Mane Man is a superpower blend of oils that work to soften your beard and moisturize the skin underneath, while releasing anti-inflammatory properties that prevent itching and achieve a smooth, no-burn finish. This product includes the bacteria fighting power of Bay and Lime, the soothing comfort of Sesame Oil, and a punch of nutrients and natural sun protection from vitamins A, C and E.


  • Comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. You can also finish up by using a brush.


  • Having a routine for maintaining your beard doesn’t mean that you have a skin care routine. That’s something separate.