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4/2/2015 2:09 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Interview with Nikunj Marvania of Awl & Sundry

It’s impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes. Awl & Sundry brings quality shoes to a man’s foot without the burden of a hefty price, plus infinite customization.

The name is derived from the English term, “All & Sundry”, meaning “for everyone”, and the tool, Awl is used to stitch the upper of the shoe to the sole signifying the Hand welt construction process.


The brand was founded by Nikunj Marvania in New York.  Awl & Sundry shoes can be personally customized to each person’s liking. Customers can customize the shape, material, texture and color of their shoes-- all while viewing the shoe in a real time, online 3D modeler. One can even add a custom monogram. All aspects included for just $350. 


Awl & Sundry shoes can be seen on display at exclusive social club Lucky Guy in NYC alongside the PRZMAN Grooming Lounge, and ordered online through the company website.


We sat down with Nikunj to chat about the brand.


You were previously in finance. How and why did you get into the shoe business?


It all started with the frustration of not being able to find a great pair of shoes at the right price point. Eventually my search for the perfect pair lead me to research the industry which then translated to traveling to different countries to understand the shoe making process. The more I learned about the industry, the more excited and passionate I got about the prospect of building a brand which could revolutionize the way men shop for shoes.



We at PRZMAN believe grooming goes beyond the products, and includes ones appearance, behavior, and lifestyle. What does a man’s shoes say about him and his overall presentation? Why is that so important?


As John Wildsmith said once, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.”

I personally think that a man’s shoes are one of the most important items in his wardrobe.  And because of that I think they should be the creation of a master craftsman. Your shoes should help you make a style statement/should help you exude style, and at the same time provide your feet with optimum protection from the stress and strain of every-day life. 


Where do you see Awl & Sundry in the future?

Our vision is to democratize luxury footwear for how modern man wears it. 


At present, our complete focus is on making beautiful shoes that our customers love. We take customer experience very seriously. In that way, we are a little different than most brands out there. All our decisions start with one question, “Will this (change/product) enhance customer experience?” If the answer to this question is "yes," we explore that option further. We are very customer centric. 


Also, I do believe customization is the future of e-commerce. People now not only want a great quality product but they also want to be actively involved in the design process. The role of the customer is changing from passive to active. We have already seen this in apparel industry with suits, shirts, pants and jackets.  Our current focus is to enhancing the customer experience by continuously improving the product. We are also looking at adding few other styles in the near future. 


Lucky Guy is a new men’s social club that strives to have all the components of a man’s closet. How and why did you get involved with the club?


I met Kalin a while ago and was super impressed with what he was doing with Lucky Guy. It was a no-brainer for us to partner with him, as our philosophy and clienteles are very similar. 


How do you personally define the modern man?


A modern man to me is someone who is confident, cultured in his speech, evolved in his actions and is not afraid to showcase his personality through the products he wears even if that makes him standout.