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8/12/2015 3:46 PM grooming • 0 Comments

Weigh In: What do Guys Do During Number 2?

(I reached out to my friends...they didn’t want to be mentioned)


The average woman takes 58 minutes to get ready in the morning. This involves preparing their hair and makeup, as well as getting dressed. The average man on the other hand, takes 55 minutes for his morning prime, three minutes behind a woman. What is he doing that is taking so long, we are all under the impression that the average guy does not apply foundation and eyeliner or is he? Men don’t have a lot to do when it comes to primping themselves, so where is most of their time being spent?


After polling some of our regular readers we learned of one mutual phenomenon. The typical male devotes an average of 36 minutes to sitting on their chamber pots. Have you ever pondered as to what exactly goes on in his kingdom through this time period?


Below are thier answers:



Nick D. said that he Meditates - “This is the perfect time to reflect and plan my day. I usually do my visualization exercises and prepare myself as I plan ahead for any challenges and victories that lay ahead.”



PRZMAN asked - What do you do when your wife starts calling you wondering where you are?


Nick D. -  “When my wife asks me what I am doing I ignore her by turning on the facet”.



Brian R. Said that he sends emails -  “I find that this is the perfect time for me to return emails that have been sitting in my inbox, I pick the top three of what I didn’t want to deal with and I respond to those emails.



PRZMAN asked: Is this the only correspondence you partake in?



Brian R - "I also find it’s a really good time to return texts and correspondence with anyone where I want to make excuses about or regarding something. For example, this is a great opportunity to communicate with girls I am being flaky with or giving the runaround to, when else would I have the time?”


Dahval S - "I take this time especially in the mornings to breeze through Facebook. Sitting there really gives me the quality time to study what my friends have been up to. It gives me a chance to really like things rather then just swipping through like I do the majority of the day.”



PRZMAN asked: Is there anything else in terms of social media you feel you get accomplished during your bathroom time?



Dahval S. - I feel that this is the only time I can focus on social media without my girlfriend getting all in my business. I use this time to friend and follow other women and I check out their pages. No guy wants to be known as a stalker or a creep but you know what, in the magic of my own kingdom I can be whoever I want to be.


Herbert R. said he reads the news -  “It's very difficult nowadays to actually sit and read anything without being interrupted and distracted, especially if you are on your computer. So each week I stock my bathroom with the publications I am interested in reading. I also taking the time to recycle the older material.”



PRZMAN asked – What do you do when you recycle the older materials?



Herbert R. - “I leave it out for my friends to read and my brother who is a dentist, when I visit him for our weekly lunch I take the reading materials strait from my bathroom to his office.


Kenny C. said he speaks on the phone - “I find that this is a very good time for me to talk on the phone, if anyone wants my undivided attention, then this is the perfect time.”



PRZMAN asked: What do you do with all the noise you are making?



Kenny C. - “I usually mute the phone and put it to the side incase I need to do anything else.”



PRZMAN Said and Asked: I am not going to ask you what else you do in there but my question is: Has this always worked out for you?



Kenny C. - Yes, until my the time when my brand new iPhone fell into the water by accident and I had to grab it out.