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Top 5 Grilling Steaks with Marinades

Have you ever stood at the butcher’s counter and thought to yourself, “What the hell is the difference between all these cuts of meat? I just want something juicy that melts in my mouth, gives me enough fuel to kick Superman’s ass, and most importantly, will taste amazeballs once it’s off the grill.”



Before you decide which cut of meat you favor, start off by treating your butcher the way you would your best friend—this way, you are sure to get the best piece of meat every time. But the same way you wouldn’t consider just anyone your best friend, choosing and visiting the right butcher is just as important, as this guarantees you’ll leave with fresh, custom-cut meats that are full of color and flavor. When asking your butcher for steaks, ask for meat that is more than one inch thick and well marbled. There should be thin streaks of fat running through the meat. Be sure to avoid meat with thick white lines; this is called gristle, and makes the meat extremely tough.  


Below, I have compiled a list of some splurge-worthy cuts of meat that are great on the grill; for an extra-memorable meal, I’ve also included home made marinades that pair well with each cut, giving your steak amazing, mouth-watering flavor.




1. Rib Eye, aka Delmonico
. This cut comes from where the rib sits behind the chuck and runs along the top of the cow. Rib eye steaks are tender and full of flavor with a fatty and juicy center.


Marinade: 1 cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon rosemary, 5 garlic cloves (chopped); let meat marinate either the day before or 6 hours prior to eating.




2. T-Bone. 
This bone-in steak includes the strip and tenderloin and is cut from the short loin of the cow. The bone seals in the juices. Extra-thick cuts are sometimes also called Porterhouses.


Marinade: 1 cup vegetable oil, up to ¾ cups soy sauce, ½ cup fresh lemon juice, ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce, ¼ cup yellow mustard, 4-to-6 garlic cloves.   




3. New York Strip
. Cut from the loin of the cow, New York strip steaks are boneless and very tender.


Marinade: ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce, a few smashed garlic cloves, 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon dry basil, 1 tablespoon oregano.




4. Tenderloin
. The tenderloin is a lean, high-quality piece of meat, but it's mild in flavor. You can also opt for the filet, which is a steak cut from the tenderloin. PRZ recommends applying rubs and marinades before grilling.


Marinade: ½ cup soy sauce, ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup balsamic vinegar, 8 garlic cloves (minced), 4 teaspoons dried rosemary.


5. Hanger
. Hanger steaks are cut from the muscle on the inside the cow that’s attached to the last rib and right below the tenderloin. This cut is tender and full of flavor, and will cost a lot less than what you'd pay for filet mignon; if you are on a budget but love treating yourself to a good steak, this cut is a great option. PRZ recommends that you marinate the meat before cooking it.


Marinade: 5 tablespoons Dijon Mustard, 5 garlic cloves (smashed and finely chopped), 1 teaspoon red pepper, 3 sprigs of rosemary (finely chopped), 1 zest of lemon, ½ cup olive oil.


PRZ Tip - Before you go here is a tip on taking your steak from the marinade to the fire. Meats cook more evenly when they are at room temperature, however you get more char when the meat is chilled giving it a badass smokiness. If you are making your steak indoors, definitely make sure the meat is at room temperature, last thing you want is for your sprinkler system to go off.